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  • Anyone for cake?

    Anyone for cake?

    There is now significant evidence demonstrating that the power of our minds, when directed appropriately, can significantly improve our weight management. Not only that, it can have a major impact on our psychological wellbeing and general quality of life. Hypnosis has been demonstrated to be effective in working with managing weight issues and to sustain it’s […]

  • Obsessive Cream Disorder

    Obsessive Cream Disorder

    A short excerpt from a local paper who ran a short article about me recently… Obsessive Cream Disorder (OCD) A local hypnotherapist explains about a new phenomenon that has been causing some distress. What has quickly become known as Obsessive Cream Disorder, is sending people to seek help from local hypnotherapists. One such person is […]

  • Weight loss tips for Christmas

    Weight loss tips for Christmas

    Do you find yourself waiting until after the new year before you start your weight loss plans? If you wait until then, you may never begin to achieve it. Here are my top weight loss tips for helping you get into tip-top shape as you make your way through the Christmas period. Exercise.   Yes […]