Nervous or have a fear of flying? You aren’t alone.

It’s a significant issue for many of us and so this blog is all about how we can help you overcome the fear. Our dreams of jetting away on a sun drenched holiday quickly come around year by year. But whilst for most of us this brings a sense of excitement for others it may well bring anxiety. Flying, and more specifically flying away for the annual summer holidays.  Yes, we may well be told that flying is one of the safest ways of travelling, but for many it’s an anxiety inducing experience. Thankfully, there are simple steps that we can take to make it a little more of a relaxing experience.

Get to know the plane.

Find a picture of the plane off the internet and try and familiarise yourself with it.  You can stick the image on the fridge door so you are repeatedly reminded of it – the more familiar the environment will be when you do travel.

At the Airport.

Airports are naturally a very busy and somewhat disconcerting to the unseasoned traveller. Leave yourself plenty of time to get there, and try and find a quiet corner to relax. All the time thinking how your holiday destination will be when you get there. The weather, surroundings make it really vivid in your mind.

Caffeinated soft drinks could make you feel more anxious so opt for a herbal tea or water to help you feel refreshed and relaxed.

On the plane.

Many of us feel a little claustrophobic on aircraft, so have you thought about opting for an aisle seat? This will allow for you to move about more easily, and not feel so ‘trapped’.

Relaxing music can help calm you down. I can recommend noise cancelling headphones to help drown out any sounds from the engines too.

Do you have a favourite book?  Bring it with you, to help take your mind off the flight.

Many people end up turning to a hypnotherapist to help them overcome a fear of flying.  If you feel you could benefit from a little extra help, read on..

As a hypnotherapist, I will help you reduce the anxiety associated with flying.  Clearly, flying isn’t a natural thing for us humans to do.  Hence, our subconscious which is there to protect us, may then create the anxiety as it believes it’s protecting us.  The fear of flying can affect anyone, and is not a sign of weakness.  Now the good news is that there are techniques we can use that will naturally help control the fear.  This is achieved through the use of hypnosis and other psychotherapeutic methods.

Don’t let your fears get in the way of living the life and dreams you have, book in today and make your first step towards achieving your goals. Kick that fear of flying out the window today!

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