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  • Avoiding decisions

    Avoiding decisions

    “I don’t know what to think anymore. I used to be so decisive, I knew what I thought and was able to express it so clearly. I just can’t do it anymore though, and I’m really beginning to start worrying about myself”. Avoiding decision making can be a classic symptom of being a people pleaser. […]

  • Men’s Health Week 2022

    Men’s Health Week 2022

    Time for your MOT This year’s Men’s Health Week runs 13-19 June and encapsulates Father’s Day, and for this year it focusses on men getting an MOT. Not the type where you roll up to the local garage, but something that will inspire men to get back to some degree of normality post-Covid. Having been […]

  • How to join an online meeting with me

    How to join an online meeting with me

    How to join a meeting is your first step in mastering not only your mental health, but Google Meet is one of the best video meeting platforms around to do it. While a lot of us prefer human contact when it comes to our health, online therapy works and works surprisingly well. Better than even I expected […]

  • Online hypnotherapy can be affordable

    Online hypnotherapy can be affordable

    We all have thoughts and behaviours that hold us back. But by going online with me for online hypnotherapy, you’ll learn to discover and overcome these hurdles with the support of me, Neil Cox Hypnotherapy. Here’s how it all works… Firstly, I recommend you find the right person. Hopefully, that will be me if you’re […]

  • Unexpected relocation

    Unexpected relocation

    Don’t panic It has been a pleasure working from my hypnotherapy practice in Bude, but sometimes a change of scenery is needed so there will be an unexpected relocation! I have come to the decision to relocate my business and will be moving from Bude Business Centre in the next few months. Don’t panic though. […]

  • Driving anxiety & nerves

    Driving anxiety & nerves

    Driving can be fraught with many many issues. Maybe you’ve panicked before when out and about on the road. Or perhaps it’s the thought or the imagination of getting those nerves that has been scaring you. Have you failed the driving test repeatedly, and no longer believe you will pass? Does your sense of direction […]

  • Effective anger management

    Effective anger management

    Within the natural world, aggression / anger plays an important role. Violent combat between males before mating upholds the rule of survival of the fittest and ensures the strength of the gene pool. But that’s not to say that mothers don’t experience similar emotions. They also engage in aggression to protect their offspring from predators. […]

  • Achieve your potential

    Achieve your potential

    Do you notice that sometimes you talk yourself out of doing something which would really have been advantageous for you in the long run? Or perhaps you may have noticed that sometimes, even though you had set yourself a clear goal, you found it difficult to drum up the necessary energy or enthusiasm to make […]

  • Valentine Competition (CLOSED)

    Coupled with the facts that hypnotherapy isn’t currently available on the NHS and Valentines Day is coming up, I’d like to offer some sessions for someone who is looking for love. Yes, it’s time for a competition! Maybe you consider yourself to be unlucky in love, or disastrous at dating. Could it be that romantic […]