I am excited to announce that I will be relocating my hypnotherapy practice to Hayle and offering face-to-face sessions in addition to my online therapy services when I’m settled in.

They weren’t wrong when they said house moving can be one of the most stressful periods of your life!

✴︎ new digs


I have been in business in Cornwall for almost 10 years, and I have had the pleasure of helping many people overcome a variety of challenges, including anxiety, stress, weight loss, and smoking cessation. I am confident that the move to Hayle will allow me to reach more people and help them achieve their goals.

Hayle is a growing town with a lot to offer, both in terms of business opportunities and quality of life. I am particularly drawn to the town’s beauty and charm, and I am looking forward to becoming a part of the community.

I believe that for some people face-to-face therapy can be more effective than online therapy. For example, people who are struggling with social anxiety may find it easier to open up in a face-to-face setting. Additionally, face-to-face sessions can help to build rapport between the therapist and the client, which is important for the success of therapy.

I am excited about this new chapter in my business, and I look forward to helping more people in Hayle and beyond.

Why I am relocating to Hayle

There are a few reasons why I am relocating my business to Hayle. First, I believe that Hayle is a great place to do business. The town is growing, and there is a lot of support for businesses in the area. Second, I am drawn to Hayle’s beauty and charm. The town is located on the coast, and there are many beautiful beaches and natural areas nearby. I am looking forward to being a part of the Hayle community and enjoying all that the town has to offer.

Room for change

Finding the right chair has been quite a quest! But now you have the option of a recliner chair or the traditional therapy bench/couch. Both have their own advantages, and I know which one I’d prefer 🙂

recliner therapy chair

New therapy room chair

therapy room hayle

View from your chair

Wondering what the view would be? If you’re sat down in the recliner, this is the view (unless you’re asleep)

The benefits of offering face-to-face sessions

I believe that face-to-face therapy can be even more effective than online therapy for some people. Here are a few of the benefits of offering face-to-face sessions:

Build rapport: Face-to-face sessions can help to build rapport between the therapist and the client. This is important for the success of therapy, as the client needs to feel comfortable and trusting with the therapist.

Provide a sense of community: Face-to-face sessions can provide the client with a sense of community. This can be especially helpful for people who are struggling with isolation or loneliness.

Address specific challenges: Face-to-face sessions can be more effective for addressing specific challenges, such as social anxiety or phobias.

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  1. Face to face in-person therapy coming very soon! Carpets are in, blinds will be arriving soon & the infamous chair for you is arriving this week (it’s a real good ‘un). UPDATE: All ready and accepting clients.

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