Do you find yourself waiting until after the new year before you start your weight loss plans?

If you wait until then, you may never begin to achieve it. Here are my top weight loss tips for helping you get into tip-top shape and maintain it, as you make your way through the Christmas period.


Yes I know, its obvious but lets get this out of the way first.  Get more exercise.  When you go shopping try and park further away, and not only that walk faster.  You’ll need to be increasing your physical activity with inevitable increases in calories.  And let’s not forget, exercise will help you reduce stress, and that’s something we’ll all probably be experiencing at some point.

New traditions.

Start a new Christmas tradition of going hiking, swimming at the local indoor pool or making the decision to get into the gym.  My personal favourite is the green gym – dress for the weather and get the added bonus of a good dose of nature in all its wintry glory.


Avoid the all you can eat / buffet events.  You will always find yourself taking more than you can reasonably eat, and then feel pressured into eating it all.

Did you get a diary for Christmas? 

Make use of it this time by keeping a food diary. Reviewing what you’ve eaten will help you make better choices.


Tis the season to be jolly, you won’t be able to avoid it completely, but reduce the consumption of alcohol.  Believe me, people do get depressed over the Christmas period, and consuming excessive booze will enhance rather than help cope with depression.  Not only that, but have you seen the calories in alcohol?  And guess what, it’s difficult to resist eating more food when you’re consuming alcoholic drinks.


Drink more water than you think you need.  We tend to drink less of it in the winter, probably because it’s just colder.  However, our bodies need it to survive, and not only that but it will reduce your cravings for food.

It’s you. Yep, you’re on your own.  Don’t wait for your friends to join you, weight control is an individual objective.  The best time is to begin today.


Don’t expect your friends and relatives to support you in your endeavours for a healthier life.  Look around.  Are they healthy and in good physical shape?  If not, don’t expect them to support you.  Go out and show them, be that positive role model to your friends and colleagues.

Take action now! 

Don’t wait until tomorrow, next week or next year.  Procrastination involves stress, but by taking action right now you will reduce stress and weight.

Follow these weight loss tips for losing and controlling your weight – they’re easy and simply achieved.  If you want to know how hypnotherapy can help you go further – contact me today!

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