The services I provide of solution focused hypnotherapy allow for a natural method of altering your state of mind. Your subconscious programming is accessed and new insights and understandings are formed. Your appointment is always individually tailored to suit your personal situation and needs. I aim to put you back in control of your life as quickly as possible.

Naturally, there are countless issues I can help you with. Most people associate hypnotherapy with phobias and stopping smoking but a general list of conditions are contained in the drop down menu at the top of the screen under ‘Services’. There’s nothing I’ve been presented with that I haven’t been able to help yet. So go on, let me know how I can help you today.

I’m located in a wooded valley near St Austell, in Cornwall. However, with services now being offered online it doesn’t matter where you are. Be that Penzance, St Austell or Truro I’m still local to you.