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Neil Cox DSFH MNCH(Reg)


Having grown up in Cornwall, I spent over 15 years working as an officer in the civil service. I did everything from helping people find employment to taxation. This time provided me with experience in handling varied and complex issues and complaints. Building on this experience, and moving into the private & then finally a nature conservation charity has provided more than 25 years of personal development experience. Insured and DBS checked, my professional integrity is something I’m quite rightly proud of.

Over these years I managed to find the time to train and qualify in reflexology, massage therapy and reiki healing. All therapies which in their own right were effective, but I always felt there was something missing.

My Passion

Finally, after a significant issue suffering with pain, it led me to train and qualify as a solution focused hypnotherapist. The Hypnotherapy Practitioner Diploma I obtained meets the ‘Learning Outcomes’ of the Hypnotherapy National Occupational Standards. Full details of accreditation. Although my training at CPHT was considered the most practical course in the country, that’s not all. They encouraged students to start practising from the first two days of the course onwards. Once qualified I was more than ready to go into successful practice.

As a client-centred therapist, my belief is in helping people like you to help yourself. It’s achieved by tailoring therapy to your needs and requirements. And I make sure it’s done over the shortest possible period of time that is appropriate to resolve the issues you present.

It’s important to me that you are more able to manage your life and your thoughts to create positive change. And I believe that you have the potential to be calm, capable and content in life. I will bring this out in you.

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The training for solution focused hypnotherapy involved a great deal of practical experience, research and also neuroscience. In combination with Solution Focused techniques, Brain based therapy, CBT and NLP along with common-sense. The very high standard of training ensures that a graduate like myself can help you. Be that in the clinical or medical areas of depression, anxiety and so many other issues that life presents us all from time to time.

From this, I managed to set up a thriving practice delivering solution focused hypnotherapy in Bude. But since 2020, I relocated to a hidden wooded valley near St Austell. Despite what some people would describe as somewhat isolated and out on a limb, I frequently receive clients from far afield all the way from Penzance to Plymouth and internationally too.