About Neil Cox

My name is Neil Cox, and I’m a clinical hypnotherapist.

I help my clients find resolutions for their physical and mental problems.

I have spent over 20 years in the complimentary medicine sector. A Registered Hypnotherapist since 2014. I’m registered with the National Council For Hypnotherapy. I’ve been rated as one of the Three Best Hypnotherapists in Cornwall from 2019 to 2021.

I work with clients from all walks of life, because it doesn’t matter if you’re a retail worker or a reality tv star. We all suffer in remarkably similar ways and all deserve to find the right treatment.

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My Story

Over many years, I suffered from chronic pain, but neither complimentary therapies and treatment through the NHS worked on the root cause. In turn, my mental health declined, as I was at times physically unable to leave the house. After one episode it left me hospitalised, and out of options, I tried hypnosis. The results were instant. Not only did hypnosis help me manage the pain better, it also helped me understand the root causes, and how best to manage and stop it from reoccurring. After experiencing the benefits, this led me to train and qualify as a clinical hypnotherapist. Additionally I am a trustee for local conservation charity Westland Countryside Stewards.

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My Passion

Today, I work with a client base from all walks of life. My belief is in helping people like you to help yourself. It’s achieved by tailoring therapy to your needs and requirements. And I make sure we do this over the shortest possible time that is appropriate to resolve the issues you present. It’s important to me you are more able to manage your life and your thoughts to create positive change. I believe that you have the potential to be calm, capable, and content in life, and I will bring this out in you.

My hypnotherapy training involved a great deal of practical experience, research, and neuroscience. In combination with Solution Focused techniques, Brain based therapy, CBT and NLP. This high standard of training has ensured that a graduate like myself can help you. Be that in the clinical or medical areas of depression, anxiety and so many other issues that life presents us all from time to time.

I run my practice from my cottage, nestled in a wooded valley near St Austell, Cornwall, UK, but my clients are both national and international.