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  • Managing Anxiety During Christmas

    Managing Anxiety During Christmas

    As the winter holiday season approaches, I’d like to highlight how hypnotherapy can help clients. Especially those who might be anticipating a less than happy Christmas or holiday season. Anxiety and depression are on the increase in the UK, with more than 12 million people going to see their GP with some form of mental…

  • Maintain Your Weight this Christmas

    Maintain Your Weight this Christmas

    Do you find yourself waiting until after the new year before you start your weight loss plans? If you wait until then, you may never begin to achieve it. Here are my top weight loss tips for helping you get into tip-top shape and maintain it, as you make your way through the Christmas period.…

  • Enjoy a Stress-Free Holiday

    Enjoy a Stress-Free Holiday

    Who’s dreading the next few weeks? As the festive season goes into full swing not all of us will be relishing the change it brings.  Struggling to cope with the pressures associated with managing expectations and family arrangements not to mention just having a great time are all too common.  When you see couples arguing…