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  • Corona virus and how I can help

    Corona virus and how I can help

    Now is the time to reclaim a little bit of normality and calm. With the corona virus epidemic bringing changes to everyones lives, I want to offer what I can to help In a world where we are seeing significant changes in our lives, this is the best time to seek some solution focused hypnotherapy. More […]

  • Unexpected relocation

    Unexpected relocation

    Don’t panic It has been a pleasure working from my hypnotherapy practice in Bude, but sometimes a change of scenery is needed so there will be an unexpected relocation! I have come to the decision to relocate my business and will be moving from Bude Business Centre in the next few months. Don’t panic though. […]

  • Hypnocom 5 audio unit review

    Hypnocom 5 audio unit review

    Is it the right solution for you? So you’ve been working as a therapist for while now, and you’ve got a good client base. Things are going well, until you find next door begin renovations. Being in an area where most properties are of the same age, you find others doing the same. All of […]

  • Read Real Testimonials

    The hallmark of any good therapist is the presence of sound testimonials from satisfied clients. Considering that my work is of a confidential nature, and unless clients want to share their experience, I don’t. But if you do here’s the google review link. Fundraiser overcomes obstacles Now….every once in a while, there comes along someone […]

  • Rita Westlake (retirement 2016)

    I’ve never had to write a retirement speech before for someone but I feel humbled to do this for Rita Westlake. Rita made the decision to finally retire (Nov 2016). The years have no doubt flown by, a time where she gave of her all, a time where she imparted skills and life lessons. Also […]