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Life can throw us some challenges but I help you meet them. As a solution focused hypnotherapist I regularly help people stop smoking, reduce anxiety and find restful sleep. But there’s so much more I can do. You can set your mind at ease with a free hypnotherapy consultation from me, Neil Cox.

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So here are the three reasons you should be trying hypnotherapy….

Reason 1: It’s Effective and transforming.

We generally know exactly what we ought to be doing to sort out the situation that we’re uncomfortable with. We know we shouldn’t eat emotionally when we’re trying to lose weight. Logically, it’s unlikely we’ll be involved in a plane crashing, so we could in fact just book that long awaited foreign holiday. And of course, when we want to quit smoking, we obviously realise that we shouldn’t light up that cigarette.   But… these shoulds or shouldn’ts only go so far. When we try and figure things out on a purely conscious level, it takes the strongest of willpower. At some point we need to deal with the root.

Hypnotherapy engages with the part of our brain that holds your experiences, habits and knowledge. Even the ones you are unaware of from a conscious point of view. A phobia may well have been triggered by an early event in childhood, that had no relevance at the time. With hypnotherapy these memories can be re-processed allowing them to be emotionally discharged with.

Reason 2: The all-rounder –  versatile and relevant for so many ailments.

I find it hard to find an issue I can’t help with hypnotherapy. It’s well known for smoking and weight loss, the things that really grab headlines I suppose. But did you know, I mainly work with people suffering high levels of anxiety and issues over lack of sleep? Indeed, it doesn’t matter whether your issue is about obsessive behaviours, anxiety or lack of confidence – hypnotherapy can provide the solution you’ve been looking for.

Reason 3: Quicker and more affordable.

Quite rightly my clients ask “how long will all this take?”.  It’s the million dollar question, but everyone is different and your needs will always vary. There’s simply no answer to this, but whereas some talking therapies can take commitment of a year or even more, solution focused hypnotherapy tends to be a much quicker solution. I often find clients get better quicker than even I predict. It’s not unusual to see clients find real sustainable changes happening between 6 and 9 sessions. These results however come from deep commitment not only from my clients, but me too.

If appropriate to your issue, you will be taught various techniques to help you cope better. Once learnt, they can be called upon whenever you need them in the future. You will also be given a back-up CD or mp3 download file to listen to on a regular basis.

Neil Cox Hypnotherapy Cornwall Hypnotherapy Bude

Conveniently located in Bude, on the border of North Cornwall and Devon. If you live in Camelford, Hartland, Holsworthy, Kilkhampton or Launceston you’re within easy reach. FREE PARKING 

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