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  • Driving anxiety & nerves

    Driving anxiety & nerves

    Driving can be fraught with many many issues. Maybe you’ve panicked before when out and about on the road. Or perhaps it’s the thought or the imagination of getting those nerves that has been scaring you. Have you failed the driving test repeatedly, and no longer believe you will pass? Does your sense of direction […]

  • Wipe away worrying

    Wipe away worrying

    4 wonderful ways to wipe away worrying Drag your thoughts away from your troubles by the ears, by the heels, or any other way you can manage it!             (Mark Twain) Worrying is a word that comes from an old English expression meaning to strangle. That’s an appropriate connotation, because worries […]

  • Anxiety at Christmas

    Anxiety at Christmas

    Hypnotherapy can help those suffering with anxiety and low mood during the Christmas holiday period. As the winter holiday season approaches, I’d like to highlight how hypnotherapy can help clients. Especially those who might be anticipating a less than happy Christmas or holiday season. Anxiety and depression are on the increase in the UK, with more […]

  • Cortisol’s role in feeling stressed.

    Cortisol’s role in feeling stressed.

    Stressed – it’s something we all want to get away from. But the fact remains that stress is part of life. You seem to see it everywhere and feel as if it’s overwhelming you. When ignored, it can put a toll on your health. It can make you vulnerable to almost any type of illness […]

  • Fall asleep rather than stress about work

    Fall asleep rather than stress about work

    Stressed about work. Like most of us, you’ve probably been affected by some form of sleep related problems lying awake stressed about work or your future unable to fall asleep. The inevitable floodgates open and you start questioning more passionately about “What if I hand in my resignation? Is this what I want to do […]

  • Festive Stress? Time for Change

    Festive Stress? Time for Change

    Who’s dreading the next few weeks? As the festive season goes into full swing not all of us will be relishing the change it brings.  Struggling to cope with the pressures associated with managing expectations and family arrangements not to mention just having a great time are all too common.  When you see couples arguing […]