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  • Secret of happiness

    Secret of happiness

    Happiness There’s been a lot of articles written about happiness in recent times. On the one hand, you’ve got the positive thinking gurus peddling their often simplistic fast track to deep joy. And on the other, you’ve got the doom-mongers telling us we’re richer, healthier and yet unhappier than we’ve ever been. Despite being somewhat […]

  • Skin conditions

    Skin conditions

    Itching For a Cure? Hypnotherapy Can Help with Skin Conditions This month I am focusing on how hypnotherapy can help with the management of skin conditions. As many of us who have suffered from these conditions will know, peeling off those extra layers of clothing and exposing skin to the summer sunshine may be good […]

  • Testimonials

    The hallmark of any good therapist is the presence of sound testimonials from satisfied clients. Considering that my work is of a confidential nature, and unless clients want to share their experience, I don’t. But if you do here’s the google review link. Fundraiser overcomes obstacles Now….every once in a while, there comes along someone […]

  • Hypnotherapy for stress

    Hypnotherapy for stress

    Often when we are worried, feeling confused or burdened by life our minds become carried away with stress. We begin thinking about all the problems we have had to endure. We think about all the problems that we are probably going to have to cope with. This just leads us into more and more worry and […]

  • Primitive instincts can create problems

    Primitive instincts can create problems

    Primitive instincts and modern problems. Have we truly evolved yet to our surroundings? If so, then why with so many comforts of modern life at our fingertips are we suffering from stress related symptoms such as anxiety disorders, OCD, IBS and depression? We have mobile phones and the internet, we’re able to travel to far off destinations in the […]

  • Life Audit

    Life Audit

    Do an 80/20 life audit on the people, activities and situations in your life. Ask yourself these questions now: Ask yourself what are the 20% of your activities that bring you 80% of your stress? What are the 20% of your activities and areas of your life in which you experience 80% of your stress? […]

  • Happiness Manifesto

    Happiness Manifesto

    This is my manifesto..a workable 10-point plan to help increase happiness and make you feel more positive about things: GET PHYSICAL Take half an hour of exercise once a week and aim to increase this as the weeks go by COUNT YOUR BLESSINGS At the end of each day, reflect on one or two things […]

  • New Year goals

    New Year goals

    Hypnotherapy can help you achieve your New Year Goals I help clients stick to their New Year goals and resolutions they have set themselves during the year. Whether it is managing your weight, keeping fit, maintaining a tidy house, gaining a qualification or improving your work/life balance, hypnotherapy can help you achieve your goal. Preferred future. […]

  • How Autumn shows us to let go

    How Autumn shows us to let go

    Autumn leaves begin to carpet the pavements and the eternal question of whether the clocks go back or forward an hour are discussed. Autumn shows an assortment of bright and striking colours. Autumn is when nature begins to shed itself, and the nights draw in and a chill begins to creep up. This is when our […]