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  • Driving anxiety & nerves

    Driving anxiety & nerves

    Driving can be fraught with many many issues. Maybe you’ve panicked before when out and about on the road. Or perhaps it’s the thought or the imagination of getting those nerves that has been scaring you. Have you failed the driving test repeatedly, and no longer believe you will pass? Does your sense of direction […]

  • Achieve your potential

    Achieve your potential

    Do you notice that sometimes you talk yourself out of doing something which would really have been advantageous for you in the long run? Or perhaps you may have noticed that sometimes, even though you had set yourself a clear goal, you found it difficult to drum up the necessary energy or enthusiasm to make […]

  • Valentine Competition (CLOSED)

    Coupled with the facts that hypnotherapy isn’t currently available on the NHS and Valentines Day is coming up, I’d like to offer some sessions for someone who is looking for love. Yes, it’s time for a competition! Maybe you consider yourself to be unlucky in love, or disastrous at dating. Could it be that romantic […]

  • Goals when you want something

    Goals when you want something

    When you want something, the whole universe conspires. When you think about the bills you couldn’t pay, the job you could lose, the sacrifices you have to make, the frustrations in the past etc, you are focusing yourself on what you do not want, which makes it more difficult for you to achieve your goals. […]

  • Secret of happiness

    Secret of happiness

    Happiness There’s been a lot of articles written about happiness in recent times. On the one hand, you’ve got the positive thinking gurus peddling their often simplistic fast track to deep joy. And on the other, you’ve got the doom-mongers telling us we’re richer, healthier and yet unhappier than we’ve ever been. Despite being somewhat […]

  • Skin conditions

    Skin conditions

    Itching For a Cure? Hypnotherapy Can Help with Skin Conditions This month I am focusing on how hypnotherapy can help with the management of skin conditions. As many of us who have suffered from these conditions will know, peeling off those extra layers of clothing and exposing skin to the summer sunshine may be good […]

  • Effective tips to help you stop blushing

    Effective tips to help you stop blushing

    Learn 5 psychological tricks to stop blushing in its tracks I could feel it happening. Suddenly all the attention was on me! That horrible burning feeling in my face, can they tell? Some of us end up blushing all through life. Some seek help but find they’re just told why they start. But all they want […]

  • How to boost your self esteem today

    How to boost your self esteem today

    What is low self esteem, really? Low self esteem is a false perception of oneself. If you have low self esteem then you are better than you think you are. This is the definition of low self esteem.  When your self-esteem improves, it’s because your self-knowledge has improved; just as the ugly duckling in Hans Christian […]

  • Life Audit

    Life Audit

    Do an 80/20 life audit on the people, activities and situations in your life. Ask yourself these questions now: Ask yourself what are the 20% of your activities that bring you 80% of your stress? What are the 20% of your activities and areas of your life in which you experience 80% of your stress? […]