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  • Avoiding Decisions

    Avoiding Decisions

    “I don’t know what to think anymore. I used to be so decisive, I knew what I thought and was able to express it so clearly. I just can’t do it anymore though, and I’m really beginning to start worrying about myself”. Avoiding decision making can be a classic symptom of being a people pleaser. […]

  • Men’s Health Week 2022

    Men’s Health Week 2022

    Time for your MOT This year’s Men’s Health Week runs 13-19 June and encapsulates Father’s Day, and for this year it focusses on men getting an MOT. Not the type where you roll up to the local garage, but something that will inspire men to get back to some degree of normality post-Covid. Having been […]

  • Valentine Competition (CLOSED)

    Valentine Competition (CLOSED)

    Coupled with the facts that hypnotherapy isn’t currently available on the NHS and Valentines Day is coming up, I’d like to offer some sessions for someone who is looking for love. Yes, it’s time for a competition! Maybe you consider yourself to be unlucky in love, or disastrous at dating. Could it be that romantic […]

  • Staying young

    Staying young

    Can hypnotherapy keep you young? According to results of the Mental Health Foundation’s 2018 study….In the past year, 74% of people have felt so stressed they have been overwhelmed or unable to cope. Many more struggle on without seeking medical help.  It is already known that chronic stress can affect our health adversely in many ways. […]

  • Making mistakes

    Making mistakes

    People who say they never made even just a single mistake in their entire life are most likely lying. We are all wonderful creatures. But the fact remains that we are not perfect. People who say they never made even just a single mistake in their entire life are most likely lying. Making a mistake […]

  • Mental health awareness

    For today’s blog I thought I would use mental health awareness to highlight how stress can impact our daily lives. More importantly though is what we can do about it. In today’s environment of job insecurity and cut backs, positive thinking can sometimes seem hard to achieve.  We often just don’t realise when the pressures of […]

  • Old Stuff Day

    Old Stuff Day

    De-clutter the Brain March saw an interesting awareness day… Old Stuff Day. Were you aware of that day and how has your March been? Old Stuff Day is a day to sort, sift, organise, and de-clutter our environments. But what about the environment that lives inside of us? Are we aware that there is another environment […]

  • Therapy


    Therapy. There’s often a ‘buzz’ among people who hear about ‘therapy’. For most of us, seeking therapy means there’s something wrong with us or we are not in the right state of mind. Unfortunately, this is not how therapy is supposed to be. In fact, many people who seek therapy include successful individuals, including celebrities, […]

  • Reducing Business Stress

    Reducing Business Stress

    Reducing Business Stress with Solution Focused Hypnotherapy Running a business can be incredibly stressful, and with the fast pace of modern life, it’s no wonder that more and more business owners are struggling with anxiety, depression, and burnout. But while stress is an inevitable part of running a business, it’s important to manage it effectively […]