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  • Valentine Competition (CLOSED)

    Coupled with the facts that hypnotherapy isn’t currently available on the NHS and Valentines Day is coming up, I’d like to offer some sessions for someone who is looking for love. Yes, it’s time for a competition! Maybe you consider yourself to be unlucky in love, or disastrous at dating. Could it be that romantic […]

  • Should you have an affair?

    Should you have an affair?

    I don’t know whether any of you reading this article will have had an affair or maybe contemplated it. Or even possibly fantasised about it without acting on it.  But, what I do know is that many relationships won’t survive an affair. So the people who get caught, and lets face it most do, will find […]

  • Valentines in February

    Valentines in February

    February is here and with it Saint Valentines Day. Embracing a time of year that is historically associated with love and fertility. It encompasses the sacred marriage of Zeus and Hera in Ancient Athens. And also the Ancient Roman festival of Lupercus, the god of fertility.  You may be spending it with your loved one or […]