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  • Gain Confidence with Hypnotherapy

    Gain Confidence with Hypnotherapy

    How hypnotherapy can help with low self-esteem and lack of confidence Hypnotherapy is uniquely suited to working with the content of the subconscious. Its therefore very effective for helping you improve your self-esteem. During the deep relaxation of the hypnotic trance, the subconscious is more receptive. I can then help you update your views of […]

  • Conquer Your Fear of Public Speaking

    Conquer Your Fear of Public Speaking

    How Hypnotherapy and the Rewind Technique Can Help You Overcome Public Speaking Anxiety in Cornwall Introduction As a hypnotherapist in Cornwall, I know firsthand how public speaking anxiety can be a significant obstacle to personal and professional growth. Fortunately, there are effective techniques for managing this type of anxiety, such as hypnotherapy and the rewind […]