Driving can be fraught with many many issues. Maybe you’ve panicked before when out and about on the road. Or perhaps it’s the thought or the imagination of getting those nerves that has been scaring you. Have you failed the driving test repeatedly, and no longer believe you will pass? Does your sense of direction let you down?

Extreme anxiety

It’s no surprise that these events tend to go hand in hand with feelings of anxiety. Extreme anxiety allows you to react faster as you get geared for action. You may have noticed that in times of fear or danger that you’re less in tune with the thinking part of your mind. All those rational thoughts are actually meant to diminish in times of real danger, because any decisions we make in a dangerous situation should be very basic. This is fine, of course, when you’re approached by a hungry lion but not when you’re driving your car or taking the driving test.

Driving anxiety can become linked to anything at all. However, it’s only really valuable when there is no other appropriate way of responding. I will help you recondition this fear response. It’s about splitting you from that memory of a real or imagined situation so that you can be free of its negative impact. And then once you’re relaxed you can rediscover ways in which you can drive calmly or pass the driving test much more easily.

Better driving

I will help you develop a heightened awareness and focus that will allow you to feel more confident; more relaxed, and make you a better driver. Allowing you to demonstrate your skills and your abilities as a driver… you will be amazed that something you had thought would be difficult… will be so much easier.


driving anxiety cornwall roundabout driving nerves

Roundabouts can present a wonderful opportunity to show your examiner how well you can read not only the road but the conditions. Fancy being able to approach them and indeed all situations with supreme confidence and allow it to show on your face?

Parallel parking

That clear headed feeling allows you to know, you’ve overcome the anxiety and can and will remain calm and clear for the duration. For some people parallel parking can prove to be troublesome. Wouldn’t you like to fall back on all your knowledge, skill and confidence to not only show the manoeuvre but to demonstrate it with flair and perfection?

driving anxiety cornwall parking driving nerves

If you’re a learner driver, I can provide the mental help you need to beat those nerves and pass your test. Or maybe you’d like the confidence that can help ensure your lessons are enjoyable and less stressful. Free from driving nerves.

With easy and convenient booking available using my online system you can set your mind at ease with a free consultation and with the opportunity to finally master the skill of driving. Or call me here on 07900255171 if you’d like further information and a chat…

And finally, because hypnosis works directly with the subconscious mind where fears, phobias and irrational responses are held, it is ideally suited to helping you get rid of them. See a success story from Women’s Health Mag for how hypnotherapy helped with a driving phobia.

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