Don’t panic

It has been a pleasure working from my hypnotherapy practice in Bude, but sometimes a change of scenery is needed so there will be an unexpected relocation! I have come to the decision to relocate my business and will be moving from Bude Business Centre in the next few months. Don’t panic though.

My diary is still open. I would love to see you for one more time, or even multiple more times. I’m happy to do so given the timeframe (this will be months rather than weeks).

new year goals

I’d like to reassure those of you who’ve already booked appointments or made deposits, these will naturally be honoured in full. There’s plenty of time.

This may have come as a surprise to many of you, but as I’ve always said, change needs to happen, and we shouldn’t deny or work against it. Although I plan to remain practicing within Cornwall, for a great many of you who live within the Bude catchment it will likely be a trip too far for appointments.

A compromise

I will endeavour to offer a compromise, and I may be able to meet people half way at a location in mid-Cornwall close to the A30, which may or may not suit you. However, being a therapist who receives clients from either ends of the county and beyond (including internationally), there will be some winners and losers.

This relocation has been a difficult decision to make, and not one taken lightly. But a number of factors have played a part in making this final decision to relocate. Bude has always been a location ‘out on a limb’ but that does make it unique and special, for which I will always hold within my heart. I have met the most amazing people since moving here, and they’re my clients. So that’s probably you!

Some personal reasons have come into play, including being closer to ageing parents, which is a real important aspect. But also the imposition of new longer term leases for the room I rent at Bude Business Centre. The powers that be, Cornwall Council, deem it necessary to change what was an excellent ‘incubation hub’ for small businesses into something that will likely be less attractive to new start ups.


Flexibility is a quality I like to embody, but there are times when you are faced against an organisation that doesn’t bend like a tree in the wind. And we all know what happens to those! This isn’t sour grapes by any means, but I felt it was right and proper to be open with you about my reasons for relocating. Long term I had ideas and plans to take forward which would simply not work under the new proposed lease terms here, and I’m genuinely sorry. 

I’m happy to field questions or concerns regarding the relocation and I will update you as and when. If you’d like to book that appointment – I’d recommend doing so sooner rather than later. Appointments are updated live using my online booking system here

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