Corona virus and how I can help

Now is the time to reclaim a little bit of normality and calm. With the corona virus epidemic bringing changes to everyones lives, I want to offer what I can to help.

In a world where we are seeing significant changes in our lives, this is the best time to seek some solution focused hypnotherapy. More accessible than it’s ever been, I am now offering consultations and sessions via Zoom. The time to close my physical doors is here, and to move to an online presence only.

zoom neil cox hypnotherapy
(Disregard my statement using Skype or FaceTime, the platform will be Zoom!)

My initial consultation remains free as it’s always been. However, in light of the current situation and uncertainty that people are experiencing, my sessions will not be at my standard rate. No-one need go without, and hence I am offering a pay as much as you can afford arrangement. This can be discussed during your initial consultation. Sound good? Yeah thought so!

Please call or message for further information.

Tel. 07900225171