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How to join an online meeting with me

How to join a meeting is your first step in mastering not only your mental health, but Google Meet is one of the best video meeting platforms around to do it.

While a lot of us prefer human contact when it comes to our health, online therapy works and works surprisingly well. Better than even I expected it would. Just as long as you know how to join a meeting.

But if you’re struggling to make sense of it, you’ve come to the right place. My simple instructions will help you make that step to join your first Google Meeting with me, Neil Cox.

Ok, so depending on your personal circumstances, you will either need a laptop/desktop or a mobile device and to follow the relevant steps below… and of course if all else fails you’d expect me to always have a plan B. If you’ve used WhatsApp, I can too.

How to join a Google Meet whether you have a mobile (iPhone, Android), iPad, desktop or laptop.

  1. No need to download anything!
  2. Open the email I’ve sent you with the meeting link – click the meeting link.
  3. Click Ask to join.
  4. When I give you access, you’ll join it.
  5. Occasionally you may need to approve the request for permission to use your computer’s audio and camera.

Once you’re in the meeting, therapy can take place. Nothing to download or need for any apps. Simple, easy without stress or worry.

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For those more technically minded, I can confirm that using Google Chrome as your browser is the preferred way. For those that have Apple products the default browser (Safari) can suffer with some minor audio crackling, so switching to Google Chrome would be advantageous for you, allowing for more adjustments and quality etc.