We all have thoughts and behaviours that hold us back. But by going online with me for online hypnotherapy, you’ll learn to discover and overcome these hurdles with the support of me, Neil Cox Hypnotherapy.

Here’s how it all works…

Firstly, I recommend you find the right person. Hopefully, that will be me if you’re reading this. Alternatively I can recommend the National Council for Hypnotherapy register where you can find appropriately trained and qualified therapists.

Initial consultation

Secondly, you’ll be wanting to make an appointment to have that initial consultation. It’s not quite as scary as you may imagine. I’ve made it super easy using an online booking portal here.

Choose the day and a time that’s convenient for you and everything is arranged automatically with automated confirmations and reminders. Before your appointment happens I’ll issue you with an invite email, which will provide the link you need to join the appointment. Don’t be late! And if you’re not familiar with how it works… here’s the simple instructions on how to join a meeting.

During the consultation you can talk about the issue(s) you’re needing help with, in as little or as much detail as you like. No need to be shy, it’s just like talking to me in person, and if you’re worried about getting it all wrong, I leave my phone switched on in case we encounter any technical problems.

I like to explain how the I work, and in particular why your brain does what it does, and importantly how we can change it. More than likely, I will provide an audio file to listen to before your first session which gets the ball rolling nicely. Arrange that appointment, and you’re away. So here’s that link to make that booking. Still unsure?

Why online hypnotherapy is right for you

Using online methods has proven to be as effective, if not more effective than face-to-face working, with important benefits that bring the experience into the modern era. For some though, traditional methods will be their choice because they haven’t yet experienced the freedom that online offers. But with the Covid-19 situation this is becoming more and more the new normal as online becomes the obvious choice.

So, if you’re on the fence about whether online sessions are right for you, consider these positive benefits.

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Online hypnotherapy

Communicate in a Way You Feel Comfortable

With traditional face to face sessions, the experience has remained relatively unchanged since psychotherapy’s inception. You arrive at a location, have a seat, and talk with your therapist about your challenges. Afterwards you depart and see each other about a week later. Same time, same place. Types of solution offered can include everything from cognitive behavioural, psychodynamic, art to family therapy.

The online way opens up new ways to communicate, and doesn’t require that you leave the comfort of your own home. If you want to have a session in your pyjamas — while polishing off a packet of crisps — that’s your choice! I can help you with that though.

Your Therapy, Your Terms

In the past people have had to make plans around visiting me. This involved a drive to my office which previously was in Bude, which, depending on where you lived could have taken up to an hour or more each way. For those with hectic, unbalanced lives, scheduling a traditional session may have been prohibitive — especially for those who needed to arrange for childcare, and its associated financial and time costs. The end result is that those who could have benefited most from solution focused therapy may never have explored the option.

A Convenient Solution

Going online allows you to set the time, location, and initial direction of the therapeutic relationship. It’s a freedom that puts you, the client seeking solution focused hypnotherapy, first.

As was mentioned, making time to see a therapist can be the most difficult logistical challenge to solve. If you enjoy keeping a routine, scheduling a weekly live session with me helps keep you on schedule.

There’s no “office” in online sessions — your session is wherever you have access to an internet connection. My clients could theoretically have their sessions in their beds, in a sunny garden, or anywhere they feel comfortable enough to communicate with me. Even then, you don’t need to lug along a laptop. The Google Meet app, available on iOS and Android, keeps me by your side wherever your smartphone travels with you.

It’s Cost Effective

In the past, finding the right therapist meant you’d likely be looking through local providers, and if you’re in an area where costs are higher than the norm then you find yourself paying excessively higher for the same thing. You could be paying sometimes double the national average, and simply not affordable. If you’re in the big cities, even more. But, going online, it opens up the world of solution focused hypnotherapy for everyone and at a price that suits you too. With distance no barrier, you may well be paying even less than you ever thought, and without the travel costs too.

It’s Entirely Confidential

I understand that stigmas still exist on many levels — especially locally when it comes to seeing any form of mental health therapist. In some communities, being seen entering a therapist’s office may have made you subject of gossip or judgement. This is another common, prohibitive reason some don’t seek help.

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What does it do for a person?

With online sessions there are no doors to walk through, or the possibility of being seen. It’s about opening up when the time is right, which is why with solution focused hypnotherapy we don’t always even need to know what the problem is. You should never feel like you have to share more information than you’re comfortable providing, and I always like people to know that.

From a technological standpoint, online solutions offer a level of security and confidentiality on par with major world banks. Communications between clients and therapists are secured by Google Meet.

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I Think I’m Ready to go Online. What’s Next?

If you feel you’re ready to go online with me, you’ll join a growing number of clients who have already made the important decision to prioritise their mental health. Thankfully, the next steps to begin your sessions are easy.

As previously mentioned make your booking for the initial consultation using my online portal. That’s all there is to it. I wish you the best as you begin your online journey, and hope to see and speak to you soon!

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