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  • Feel tired and overworked?

    Feel tired and overworked?

    Overworked? You have probably felt it many times – the feeling that you have so many things to do but very little time to do them. And it feels bad, utterly tiring and demotivating. It feels like you have been doing a lot but accomplishing very little. Overextending at work or any other area of […]

  • Business stress

    Business stress

    Business Stress Release With Solution Focused Hypnotherapy Cutting down on excessive levels of stress in the workplace isn’t just good sense for business. It has a beneficial effect on employees and helps staff morale and improve productivity. “One of the most common areas that people come to see me about is areas of life connected to […]

  • What’s the worst that could happen

    What’s the worst that could happen

    The worst thing that could happen to us is not very likely to happen. But it could. You could discover that you are dying of an incurable disease, or that one of your loved ones is in this condition. Or what’s more even that the end of the world is in sight, or that some […]

  • Black & white thinking

    With solution focused hypnotherapy, we regularly see clients with high states of emotional arousal. We can quickly treat these conditions, such as anxiety, using a combination of therapeutic techniques including hypnotic trance. First we help our clients regain control. Secondly, we get them to operate from what we call the more positive and intellectual side […]