With solution focused hypnotherapy, we regularly see clients with high states of emotional arousal.

We can quickly treat these conditions, such as anxiety, using a combination of therapeutic techniques including hypnotic trance. First we help our clients regain control. Secondly, we get them to operate from what we call the more positive and intellectual side of the brain. This naturally allows for behaviour of a more positive nature, and thus begins the journey of recovery. In essence we help create less of a black or white outlook and more of a shades of grey scene.

Quite significant consequences have come about from our emotions operating in black or white thinking. In particular within our human evolution and history.

black and white thinking depression

The two extremes.

As emotions rise, the original primitive part of the brain ‘hijacks’ the higher, more recently evolved intellectual brain. This very quickly begins to blank out the more subtle distinctions in life.  For example, in a life or death situation, the ability to make fine discriminations must be shut off, so that we can act quickly to take the decisive action needed to save ourselves.  A black or white, right or wrong, all-or-nothing result arises once there is a significant issue of emotional arousal.  Everything thereafter operates out of these two extremes.

Thankfully, the intellectual brain partly evolved as a means to discriminate the shades that exist between black or white.  Quite simply, it was nature’s solution to our need for adaptable responses to the ever-changing environment.  This of course can only happen if the original primitive part of the brain isn’t too highly aroused.   Interestingly you’ll find it near impossible to communicate with someone who is too highly aroused, they cannot have anything other than a black or white opinion, and unable to see another viewpoint.

Black or white thinking.

If the black or white thinking continues it will eventually generate more emotion by repeatedly turning on the fight or flight response that makes us angry (fight) or anxious (flight).  That individual will then find the intellectual part of their brain unable to use its ability to take a wider perspective on life.  They will be unable to see the infinite shades of grey, and find that they catastrophize the ‘bad’ things that happen by magnifying them.

So, are you a black or white thinker, or do you see the signs that there are shades of grey between? Book online today

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