Rita Westlake (retirement 2016)

I’ve never had to write a retirement speech before for someone but I feel humbled to do this for Rita Westlake. Rita made the decision to finally retire (Nov 2016). The years have no doubt flown by, a time where she gave of her all, a time where she imparted skills and life lessons. Also a time where she probably learned a great deal. No doubt it has been a significant learning curve for her and one which I also will undoubtedly find too.

I’m sure all her clients past and present will have found happy years that they will always remember fondly. Indeed she said to me that she’s met some wonderful clients through North Cornwall Hypnotherapy (NCH) and it has been a privilege to help them to a better understanding and quality of life.

Rita Westlake

I’d like to acknowledge that Rita Westlake has played a significant role in making the lives of people in Cornwall happier and more positive. And this is the role that I will strive to emulate in my future too. Of course it takes a very special person to commit to their job on a daily basis – even when the going gets tough – and believe me…we’ve all experienced that over the years.

Rita Westlake

Rita Westlake has a myriad of skills, too many to mention, that have impacted on my life in a memorable and meaningful way. I met her a few years ago, after suffering with extreme pain. Her knowledge, empathy and ease with which she helped me will never be forgotten. For it’s down to Rita, that I too trained as a hypnotherapist. The light that ignited within me, will continue on in (NCH). With Rita’s blessing, I will ensure that NCH will provide you with the treatments she provided too.

The future of North Cornwall Hypnotherapy

Naturally I am extremely grateful for the confidence that Rita has placed within me to continue the work of NCH. It’s an undertaking that I have accepted and although I am sad to see her retire, I know it’s for all the right reasons. So on behalf of not only myself, but all your past clients and colleagues we wish you all the very best for the future. The website www.northcornwallhypnotherapy.co.uk is now being forwarded to this one, as it has been 4 years since I took it over.

Neil Cox MNCH(Reg), HPD

Tel. 07900 225 171