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Stop Smoking by using hypnosis

When you quit smoking, you heal, you don’t withdraw

Are you too physically addicted to cigarettes to free yourself from them and quit smoking? That’s it. And as you’ll see, it’s a vitally important question before we progress any further.

Consider looking at smoking as a ‘deal’. No smokers, or very few, are naive enough to assume you just pay with money for cigarettes.

Money is generally the least of it. Since you are still reading I‘ll assume you feel that the deal is not worth it from your end.

You know how it goes: You start smoking, maybe when young, and it’s just something you do. You “own” it at first. It, the smoking, doesn’t “own” you. And, of course, you feel if you so choose you can stop at any time.

But what happens?

Bit by bit it gets under your skin. There is a point when you feel a choice has become an addiction and that’s what you’re probably looking at now. It’s not just stopping smoking that’s important but how you stop.

As one smoker told me recently “I’ve stopped smoking so many times before but this time it feels like I have walked away from smoking forever; it feels so different.”

Ask yourself – Do I really want to stop ?

If the answer is a resounding “Yes” that is excellent.  But if you have stopped to think about your answer and perhaps thought to yourself that you would like to stop smoking then there is a subtle but very important difference.

If you really want to become a non-smoker then you can certainly be helped to do what you want to do.

Many celebrities including Matt Damon have used hypnotherapy to stop smoking and kick the habit – you can too.  Hypnosis is probably the most effective way to help ditch cigarettes.  Not forgetting it’s natural and drug free.

So, if stopping smoking was a simple conscious decision, you would have made that decision already, and you would be a non-smoker. It is the subconscious mind that drives the desire to smoke, usually associating times (after a nice meal), places (in the pub), and feelings (when feeling stressed), with lighting a cigarette.

By inducing a state of relaxation I direct positive messages into your mind to help beat unconscious cravings.  However, there are no swinging watches used here, just a calm low voice and a proven clinical process to achieve what you want to achieve. And let’s not forget, it’s no coincidence that when someone like you gives up smoking, you will often make great strides in your life – with more confidence, more self esteem and more self respect.

Just 20 minutes in and you are already benefitting from a heart rate that begins to slow to a normal pace. Fast forward to two hours and your blood pressure continues to drop to near normal levels. Circulation begins to improve and you may experience some warmth back into your extremities.

The E-Cig situation.

Putting it simply, I do not advocate using E-Cigarettes / Vaping. To find out more please visit my short video to explain further.

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How many sessions ?

I prefer if you pop in for a quick consultation first (that’s free). Then just the one session – lasting up to 2hrs.  All clients are given a relaxation CD or audio mp3 file to take away to help continue their progress and support them further.

Does it hurt ?

Hypnotherapy allows you to make the easy transition to a healthy non-smoker pain free, without cravings or stress. This is because hypnotherapy, unlike nicotine replacement treatments, helps you to become a non-smoker without continuing to put nicotine or other chemicals into your body.

How much?


Does it work?

I would need to call every ex client who smoked, every day for the rest of their lives to find out if they started again to give a success rate, nobody does that! However, people do like to provide testimonials.

NHS Smokefree stop smoking Cornwall

NHS Smokefree is an initiative much like Stoptober which is designed to give you help and support when you decide that you want to quit smoking for good.

So.. for those who have decided enough is enough and want to stop smoking …