Who’s dreading the next few weeks? As the festive season goes into full swing not all of us will be relishing the change it brings.  Struggling to cope with the pressures associated with managing expectations and family arrangements not to mention just having a great time are all too common.  When you see couples arguing at the local supermarket over normally insignificant purchases you can see how festive stress and anxiety at this time of year becomes quite common.  Everything feels like it’s falling apart and you stop doing those things that you used to enjoy.  Ultimately we end up suffering with sleep problems, anger, tearfulness, irritability, digestive upsets, worrying and the list goes on and on….

Thankfully we can watch movies like that all-time favourite.. National Lampoons Christmas Vacation and laugh at Clark’s mishaps during the festive season.  I think we can all relate to at least one aspect from the film!


Of course the Pagan festival known as Yuletide was celebrated at the mid-winter solstice, the magical time of transition into a new year with its new beginnings.  At the very shortest of days and the longest of nights, evergreen trees were treasured as the frosts of winter prevailed.  Celebrating together helped banish isolation amongst communities and helped keep them vibrant. Being an avid bonsai collector and tree lover, I always find this time of year so important to walk into the woods and reconnect with these towering giants.  I think there must be some sort of primal instinct and need to be close to the dark greens of the evergreen woods.

Remaining on this winter theme, I just have to share this gem of a clip from the infamous Bob Ross painting series….Winter Glory.  He makes it look so easy but what I really love is I recall him saying once  “The secret to doing anything is believing you can do it” .

So where does hypnotherapy fit in with this?

Put simply when life throws everything at us, and it can build up over time, our tolerance levels drop and we become less and less capable of thinking in a constructive and positive way. That box of festive stress weighing you down can become unbearable and that’s where Solution Focused Hypnotherapy can really play a role in reversing the situation.  As we help you empty that box, so the ability to cope increases and we begin concentrating on the positive aspects of life.  Bringing a new sense of freedom and the lessening of unwelcome symptoms.

So if you feel you need that helping hand this festive season, drop me a line.  I’m offering FREE initial consultations.  Give yourself the gift of creating a better future and maybe just maybe a stress-free holiday too.

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