Many people experience exam nerves or anxiety before taking a test or exam. But it’s not just when you’re younger whilst at school or college, adults can and do suffer enormously with these worries as well. Although a little bit of nervousness can help you to perform better, when it becomes excessive and interferes with things, it starts to be a real hindrance to your life and can bring on symptoms of anxiety.

So, you’ve been doing the homework, read all your notes repeatedly, and even done some exam practice sessions. What could possibly cause you to then end up full of exam nerves, and unable to demonstrate the simplest of tasks to your examiner? Well, it’s exam or test anxiety – an extreme reaction to taking tests or exams, be they practical or written. 

It’s the same as when you have to present to co-workers a work presentation. You’ve rehearsed and continually revised your subject but on the day it all goes wrong because of the anxiety literally ruining everything you’ve prepared for.

Exam nerves

A lot of professionals need to train in new processes / procedures and are examined with practical tests. Whilst these people have all the skills and capability to do really well, the anxiety surrounding them prevents them from demonstrating what they are able to do. Those exam nerves or test anxiety puts an end to their aspirations and can severely limit a persons career.

Excessive anxiety

We all experience some form of anxiousness around these situations, like butterflies in the stomach, but when things escalate to a point where you are suffering poor sleep or ill health it’s probably time to tackle it. That excessive level of anxiety can make it almost impossible to concentrate and answer the simplest of questions or complete tasks. Everything becomes inaccessible, as if your thinking brain simply goes ‘on holiday’. You know you know the answers, but that part of your brain that has them, simply goes blank.

exam nerves test anxiety exam cornwall

This can seriously damage your ability to move forward in life, preventing you from gaining the promotion you seek, or up-skilling to another pay grade. Your self esteem drops, and a general feeling of hopelessness can overtake your emotions. It can be a never ending spiral of having done poorly before, and so automatically assuming it will be difficult or impossible again.

Overcome the anxiety

The good news is, there are effective methods of tackling and overcoming these issues that cause so much despondency amongst those who find it difficult to manage anxiety. 

My dynamic, quick and effective plan will get you back to your old self, or just be the person you want to be. Become able to take on tasks, be more confident in presenting to others and get through those tests to move forward in your job. No-one should feel they are incapable of improving their chances in life, and I will make sure you get the best techniques, delivered professionally and with the results you want. 

Want to know more, drop me a line at or why not just book a free consultation using my online booking portal right now? It’s non-committal, carried out in the comfort of your own home via Google Meet and will explain everything you need to decide whether this is for you. 

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