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Hypnotherapy for stress

Often when we are worried, feeling confused or burdened by life our minds become carried away with stress.

We begin thinking about all the problems we have had to endure. We think about all the problems that we are probably going to have to cope with. This just leads us into more and more worry and often results in those awful feelings of panic and despair.

Continual high levels of stress and anxiety weaken the immune system and can lead to other serious health issues. The reduction of anxiety is all important.

If we can just calm down and open our minds we can manage the unmanageable and not go into that stressful, panic mode. However, we sometimes need a helping hand to relax both mind and body. This is when hypnotherapy can help.

Hypnosis is a natural, focused state which we all experience on a regular basis. Perhaps whilst out jogging or walking, watching a good film or reading an absorbing book. The times when perhaps you don’t really hear others speaking to you! Hypnotherapy helps you develop and use these naturally occurring states to access your own strengths and inner resources. In turn enabling you to overcome problems, achieve the changes you want and help you live the life you want to lead. Whilst you are in this ‘trance’ state, you remain conscious, comfortable and in control throughout. It feels very much like a wonderfully deep and peaceful state of relaxation.

Hypnotherapy for stress.

Hypnotherapy is widely recognized as being effective for smoking cessation, weight management, phobias and fears, insomnia and anxieties of all kinds; it is also very helpful for a wider range of issues including self-confidence, stress-related physical illness and for skills development – public speaking, taking that driving test etc.

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