Anxiety & stress

As much as life is relaxed here, anxiety in Devon & Cornwall clearly exists. So, can hypnotherapy help?

Well put simply – yes! Anxiety is when you have a sense of unease, such as worrying or a sense of foreboding.

We all tend to have these feelings at one time or another in life. Remember that exam, or driving test? Yes. you probably felt a little anxious and that’s considered normal. However, a great deal of people find it difficult to control those feelings. It’s these feelings of anxiety that become regular for them. So much so that they can often affect their daily lives in a very negative way.

You probably know anxiety and stress can respond well to positive attitudes, relaxation and time with your friends and family. And yet you can’t do a thing about it as it takes over your conscious thoughts. When we have feelings of foreboding or anxiety, it’s because we are generally a little more stressed than usual and the subconscious mind interprets this as the feeling that ‘something is about to happen’ – almost like an over zealous security guard.

You then find it impossible to consciously control your anxiety, stress, tension, sleep or other problems.

Fight or flight

These problems are typical of the ‘fight or flight’ response and are subconscious patterns of behaviour. We’ve inherited them from the days of early Man. In order to ensure these are reduced we need to bypass logic and communicate directly with our sub-conscious mind. Read more about panic & anxiety attacks here…

Hypnosis is a natural method of altering your state of mind so that your subconscious only goes on alert when it really needs to. It’s much like training a pet….your subconscious mind has much more potential to be usefully trained than perhaps you realise. Want to know more? If you’re suffering from anxiety in Cornwall, contact me today for a consultation and it’s free. Or alternatively book online right now below…