Do not carry your burden

Do not carry your burden on one day

… ancient proverb which rather indicates that man has been aware for a long time that there are times in our lives when the world no longer seems so colourful and interesting. You are probably still able to keep on working or doing your daily tasks. But you take less and less part in social activities and hardly see friends.

Photo of burden bearded man sat on a leather sofa with hand on head suffering from anxiety depression stress panic attack

Then you may begin to notice the low-grade miserable feeling gets worse. You find that you can no longer keep your mind on what you are doing. At bedtime you feel as if all the worries and problems of your day, your year, are simply going round and round and round as sleep evades you. Maybe you find you wake about 3 or 4 a.m. and then those worries begin again. Either way, you probably find that you are becoming more and more exhausted and less and less motivated.

If you feel miserable and bad about yourself much of the time and find you are increasingly preoccupied with negative ideas about your life and world then you could really benefit from a course of Solution Focused Brief Therapy combined with Hypnotherapy and if you would like an Initial Consultation please contact me on 07900 225 171.

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