How Autumn shows us to let go Neil Cox Hypnotherapy Cornwall

How Autumn shows us to let go

Autumn leaves begin to carpet the pavements and the eternal question of whether the clocks go back or forward an hour are discussed.

Autumn shows an assortment of bright and striking colours. Autumn is when nature begins to shed itself, and the nights draw in and a chill begins to creep up. This is when our trees take a break from photosynthesising. They present us with a grand spectacle of chestnut roasted orange, bright reds and russet browns. They very wisely adjust to the changing season, and go within to live off the stored nutrients from the summer. They let go.

This change reminds us to look also at what we can each release and let go. I know that by clearing up the masses of paperwork I accumulate it allows me to make room for new projects. It also gives a clearer outlook for work I’m already working on.

Self Esteem.

And even when all those leaves have dropped, our trees still remind us of how when they’re completely stripped of their finery they still possess an elegance to cherish. Their acceptance of nature and their own nakedness have no relevance to their self-esteem.

So is it time to reassess your own personal goals, or is there something you want to let go of? Is there a life or work situation that you’ve simply outgrown? As a solution focused hypnotherapist I help people lay down new ways of thinking – even new neural pathways. So just as our trees know that they have to make room for new growth, you too have to first let go of old unwanted habits or behaviours.

My name is Neil Cox, I’m a fully insured and qualified Solution Focused Hypnotherapy practitioner based in Bude, North Cornwall. I can help you reduce stress and promote a calm, relaxed approach to work and life as a whole. I use science and psychology to utilise the mind into its most positive state.

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