Hypnosis downloads are available right here. Try Deep Sleep by selecting the button below. It will help you to get the perfect night’s sleep and start living again. It’s the recording all my clients receive when they start their treatment.

Want to know about how your brain really works? Then listen to the How the brain works download. I recommend you download the accompanying PDF diagram of the brain too so you can easily see how it all fits together.

I pride myself on creating hypnosis downloads that are at the cutting edge of the latest advances in neuroscience. By choosing hypnotherapy MP3s from an experienced, qualified and insured hypnotherapist like myself, you are choosing a professional who gets results and can help you to achieve your personal goals.

Make sure you find a place where you can relax and allow the beneficial words and suggestions to resonate around. This is not the time to be driving a vehicle or operating machinery. You will be relaxing and enjoying a wonderfully therapeutic and relaxing experience. I recommend using headphones whilst sitting or lying down as your concentration will be affected.

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How the Brain works

Listen to this first, it helps you understand how your brain works..

Diagram of the Brain

 Use in conjunction with How the Brain works audio.

Deep Sleep

The ultimate in relaxation and finding restful sleep. 

Night panic attacks

For those who experience night time panic.