Public Speaking

Natural fears

For a lot of people the anxiety of public speaking is a very natural fear that can cause a degree of anticipation and stress – especially when it’s for something important, like a wedding speech or for a work related presentation.

It is natural to feel a greater sense of confidence in a speaker who presents well and fluently to us. Solution Focused Hypnotherapy can help to unlock that confidence that can feel elusive for some people.

“I see a lot of clients who come to me who are looking for ways to improve their confidence to help them in both their personal lives and also in business.”  But by working with a fully trained and qualified Solution Focused Hypnotherapy practitioner then it is possible to achieve a crucial change in thinking that can make a real difference when it comes down to job interviews or presentations.

Photo of Neil Cox Hypnotherapy wearing short sleeve blue shirt sat at table with pen in hand demonstrating public speaking at Neetside Centre Bude Cornwall

Positive Changes

“I work with someone over a period of weeks to help them cement the change that they want to gain in their lives.”

“By taking small, regular steps towards achieving their aims then we can soon see a set of positive changes that allow them to focus on real and attainable goals in many areas of life – from the boardroom to the football pitch and from the workplace to home life.”

“I work by helping people to reduce their stress levels to a point whereby they can feel calm, confident and relaxed and so take life in their stride.”

“I do so by working with them during the course of a session to ensure they are in a positive state of thinking before they can relax, unwind and listen to soothing music, together with the sound of my voice, as I help to reassure their mind that they can feel increased confidence during their daily lives.”

Some of the most successful people in the world have struggled to overcome their resistance to public speaking.  Richard Branson of Virgin Group is known to hate performing in front of crowds; and billionaire Warren Buffett apparently throws up.  Of course there are other techniques apart from using hypnotherapy that can help.

Body Language

Strike that pose.  Don’t be tempted to hide in the corner in the hour leading up to your talk.  Make yourself “big” by standing with your legs wide apart and with hands on hips.  This helps reduce anxiety and makes you feel more like a leader.  Sitting down hunched up, can only ever make you feel less powerful.  And if you feel like doing “the penguin” here’s a really handy short video clip to use just before your presentation  –

Talk to yourself.  “You can do it, Neil!”  That may sound odd to most of us, but it’s actually far more effective to refer to your name rather than “I”.

Exercise on the morning of your presentation.  There’s a great deal of evidence to show that working out can help reduce anxiety.  So in other words, don’t retreat into your room and dwell on it.  Rather, go out for a run or bike ride to help.

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