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A lot of people have FAQs so I thought I’d explain a little here. I use modern, practical and extensively researched strategies that help people make positive changes in their lives. I look at what you, the client, wants to achieve rather than focus on the problem(s).

In itself, hypnosis can help reduce anxiety through relaxation and visualisation.

What is hypnotherapy?
This is indeed a natural state that most of us have already probably experienced. Driving a car, watching television and of course daydreaming – all examples of an altered state of awareness. During your sessions, I help bring the two parts of the brain together – the positive intelligent side and the ever vigilant self preservation part. By concentrating on the same thing and bringing harmony we bring out the best results. Of course, the experience is very relaxing and without pain.

Is it safe?
You always remain in control, in fact you are fully capable of rejecting or ignoring anything that I say.

How does it work?
Anger, anxiety and depression are all primitive survival responses.  Sometimes appropriate, sometimes not so. Fortunately these are governed by our brains in ways that we understand more and more about. In fact I rely heavily on firm, science based knowledge on how the brain works which allows me to help you understand why you are experiencing the issues you are. And of course most importantly how to make the changes you need to.


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What Solution Focused Hypnotherapy can help, but not limited to..

If you are in serious need of help to sleep then this is your man! Amazing! We sleep like logs! S.H.B

Went very well the first week, struggled last week, but had a good calming weekend and realised I don’t want to smoke at all! My will power is so much stronger after seeing you and can only thankyou.  Indefinitely.  J.S. – ex smoker.

I’ve tried everything, even the infamous “I can help you sleep”.  Nothing however has helped me more than your relaxation CD, thank you so much.   M.J.