Solution Focused Hypnotherapy

can help you with the following issues.

Anxiety is the state of fear from the anticipation of a real or imagined threat, event or situation. It is one of the most common emotions experienced by most of us at any time in our lives. However, most people don’t experience a panic attack or an anxiety attack.

Solution focused hypnotherapy is very effective for helping you improve your self confidence and self-esteem.

It is common for depressed people to feel helpless, with little control over things. Alternatively, feeling that everything relies on them. This extreme perception of control, either too much or too little, helps maintain depression.

IBS sufferers experience a combination of symptoms, with one symptom in particular occurring regularly or with greater severity. Symptoms vary from where they don’t really affect quality of life, to serious, finally prompting the sufferer to seek help.

Solution Focused Hypnotherapy uses tried and tested techniques to help people overcome their “fear response”. This can make so many feel tense and uneasy as they approach a fear or one of their phobias.

Although there are many different sleep problems, insomnia is by far the most common. Insomnia is characterised by problems in falling asleep, waking during the night or early in the morning.

The power of our minds can significantly improve weight management. Furthermore, it has an impact on our psychological wellbeing and general quality of life. Importantly it sustains it’s effects over time. However, I direct most of my attention on reducing stress levels.

If you really want to become a non-smoker then you can certainly be helped to do what you want to do.

Sports Performance and much more


If you are in serious need of help to sleep then this is your man! Amazing! We sleep like logs! S.H.B

Went very well the first week, struggled last week, but had a good calming weekend and realised I don’t want to smoke at all! My will power is so much stronger after seeing you and can only thankyou.  Indefinitely.  J.S. – ex smoker.

I’ve tried everything, even the infamous “I can help you sleep”.  Nothing however has helped me more than your relaxation CD, thank you so much.   M.J.