Fear of presenting to business

Apart from death and taxes, there is one thing that we’ll probably all face at some point in our lives and that is having to do something that fills us with fear.

Whether that’s meeting a group of people through business networking, taking an exam or having an interview – we’ll be pretty familiar with the sensations that go along with these challenging situations. Most people with presentation nerves will avoid speaking up in social groups, even if it is family or close friends. They will not go for promotion if the next level in the career involves making a business presentation. Some people actually drop out of college or university because they have to give presentations as part of the course.

Fear of business presentation

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Public speaking

Some people find that day by day they end up negatively forecasting the presentation. It’s important to realise our minds can’t tell the difference between imagination and reality when we do this. Intellectually you know it should go ok, and generally these things do, but being you, you start thinking about things going wrong. You think about it 50 times? The actual presentation may go ok, but you have already done it 51 times and 50 of those were disasters.

So when it comes to the event our natural responses kick in – mouth goes dry, heart rate goes up and we end up with our hands trembling. Whilst this is actually a very natural response, it can get in the way of trying to get on with our daily working lives. Fear of business presenting can be particularly damaging for those who desperately want to get on with their projects. The inability or rather fear of being able to stand up in front of a group of business people with an air of confidence and authority makes us feel inadequate.

Public speaking and presentation nerves exist as a result of inappropriate beliefs. However, a little nervousness can actually give us a much-needed energy boost, create a natural positivity to our delivery and make us feel more vibrant. Unfortunately, if this fear is excessive for the situation then we may well find that nerves get the better of us. Stammering, blushing and even not being able to speak at all can make it feel as if it’s impossible to be a confident speaker.

Working in a business or corporate environment will inevitably bring about the expectation of having to present at some point.  And probably one of our biggest fears is being laughed at, so you’d rightly feel apprehensive about that!

Simple steps to success.

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The good news is there is a way out. I use hypnotherapy to change unnecessary beliefs at a subconscious level. This change has a profound effect on the behaviours with regard to public speaking and presentations. Hypnosis allows you to easily achieve a relaxed state, and ensure the replacement of feelings like “people will laugh at me” to feelings of confidence and self-assurance. Of course there are conventional ways of helping you overcome nervousness, but by helping you on a sub-conscious level to control your nerves and feel naturally confident I can ensure your presentation goes the way you really want it to, with a positive and calm elegance. What’s more it can overflow into other areas of your life too, be that relationships, money and other social situations.

For further information and to book a free initial consultation check out my website www.coxhypnotherapy.com/contact/

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