Memories of Paintings

It’s not often I will put a blog post up unless it’s got real relevance to work I do as a solution focused hypnotherapist. So what do paintings have to do with it?

So you probably realise, I have a focus on sleep and getting my clients to achieve the best quality sleep as part of their treatment. Well, sometimes you come across some pretty dire ‘relaxation youtube videos’ but this one is probably one that will stand out.  Not as dire, but a sublime and very beautiful one. It’s called Memory of Paintings and it features paint that dances.

Its done using acrylic paint, liquid soap, oil and milk. Filmed using an SLR Canon camera with a macro lens. There are rivers of colour, merging and spreading like swirls of dreamlike memories. Coupled with some soothing music, it makes for a very relaxing view, allowing your mind to quiet down and your stresses to just melt away. Definitely worth a watch in my opinion.



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