Jellys and Anxiety

Networks.  Connections.  Mingling.

I consider myself fortunate to live in a beautiful part of the world, Bude.  Not only that but being able to connect with the local business community here.  There’s some really amazing things going on, with small businesses beavering away.  Indeed, our very own Bude Business Community meetings are proving a success organised by Debbie Cousins from Budeworks.  The latest venture of which is a “jelly” – apparently these are informal co-working events where freelancers, home workers and small business owners bring their laptops or other work and work, chat and collaborate with others. Without any of the anxiety.

So what’s this got to do with hypnotherapy?

I’d like to think that the brain is very much like a “jelly”  not the wobbly party food but one of these co-working events.  So how many neurons (brain cells) are in the average brain ?  Let’s say 100 billion, that’s a pretty huge jelly!  So each of those neurons are connected to others by branching tree-like projections known as axons and dendrites, most of which terminate in tiny structures called synapses.

So hopefully you are still reading because this is really important…each one of our 100 billion neurons may have anywhere between 1 and 10,000 synaptic connections to other neurons.  I won’t try and do the maths but that’s an unimaginable amount of possible patterns of connections.

Now, I’m sure there won’t be 100 billion people at my local Jelly, but wherever you go I’d like to think you will find the same similar patterns in life.  People making connections, constantly and in ever new imaginative ways.

Without drifting too far away from what hypnotherapy has to do with this, I regularly see clients presenting with social anxiety.  We all struggle with finding ways to cope with social challenges, and we all experience some form of stress over tasks we fear.  And it’s well known that stress can shorten life and be very de-motivating.  But, with just a little effort, you can greatly reduce stress levels by making changes in the thoughts we have.

Finding yourself thinking “my life’s so stressful”  or “I’ll never feel able to meet people” ?

That just makes you feel worse, believing that the situation is indeed stressful and will more than likely guarantee it.  Can we stop these negative thoughts? Not entirely, but YES!

With solution focused hypnotherapy we help you create the changes you want and get you thinking so much more positively.  I think I heard the phrase once “positivity breeds positivity”.

There will be a FREE local event at the Parkhouse Centre, Bude on Sat 20th June 2015.  A Complementary Healthcare & Beauty event showcasing some of our local businesses.  It could prove to be a great way of meeting and finding out what’s in your local community and even discovering a new connection.  Hopefully I will see you there!

Bude Complementary Healthcare anxiety connections

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