Resolutions versus Revolutions

Resolutions…….hmmmm?  It’s easy to criticise people making New Year’s resolutions – you can see them full of optimism and drive to change their lives for the better.  Then, watch them slowly but gradually give up as the first few weeks pass by – either through lack of motivation or peer pressure to come out and have that beer / cigarette or whatever.

No I’d rather talk about revolution.  Not the overthrowing of governments but the dramatic and wide-reaching change in attitudes or conditions we can make to our lives.  When I say dramatic I don’t mean big life events such as changing your job or leaving the country, no, I mean making the small changes…….. tiny changes ………. almost imperceptible changes ……… that you can make happen in your life.

We’ve all heard of the saying  “it’s the little things in life that matter”  well that’s true!  So what small change could you make today that will allow you to know you are creating the life you want tomorrow?

These are tough questions to ask when we are full of anxiety and worry over what the forthcoming year may bring.  But with solution focused hypnotherapy we give you the tools to help you reduce the anxiety that stops us making those choices and in turn allow you to make those changes you really want.

Positive thinking resolutions
Don’t Give up


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