The Negative Thinker

As I write this after a really good week away doing the things you really should be doing all the time, it’s always easy to slip back into negatively thinking about the coming week and going back to work…but who doesn’t! Well, easy as it is, we can always turn it around with a little effort..I found this interesting article in the Guardian on someone who uses a simple exercise to help.


Next weekend will be another one of the CPHT training weekends, and I’m really looking forward to the stop smoking therapy.  Now, over recent years I had considered that there were fewer and fewer smokers out there, but after last night I’m not so sure.  Maybe it’s a social thing?  With Bude for Food in full swing and some foot stomping entertainment last night I could only think of the number of people puffing away on their cigarettes and the forthcoming training I’ll be doing!   So, any of you local to Bude who would like to stop smoking, I will be putting out a call for some willing and committed clients.


And so in the words of Frasier Crane…. “Good mental health everyone”

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